Audio Dropouts with overdub/reverse

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Audio Dropouts with overdub/reverse

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Hi all,

Relatively new to SL, for the most part loving it but am having a bit of a problem with audio dropouts.

When using reverse mode during an overdub, particularly if reverse is toggled momentarily, some of the bottom loop will disappear. I can reproduce this by pressing overdub then reverse, where the glitch will happen once the position reaches the start of the loop; or by repeatedly toggling reverse when overdubbing. Sometimes a previous loop I had already cleared (with long press undo) will come back so I'm assuming its some kind of buffer problem?

Running on a 2012 MacBook pro (8GB ram) through Reaper, normally at 44.1/512 but changing the buffer size, sample rate, latency compensation or loop size doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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