SL with Mainstage 3 & OS X/El Capitan

Using SL inside Apple's MainStage

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SL with Mainstage 3 & OS X/El Capitan

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EDIT: the post below has been up for a couple of weeks, viewed over 500 times according to the forum counters. The fact that there have been no replies suggests that no one has successfully used the current SL AU in Mainstage 3. Is anyone out there using it? Anyone, hello?

Hello the forum ... I have studied lots of posts in group, but none of the diagnostic tips seems to help, so far. I am running SooperLooper v 1.7.3 and Mainstage v 3.3.2 under El Capitan (aka OS X v 10.11.6) on a mid-2008-or-so macbook pro. The 64-bit SL audio unit was scanned by Mainstage after installation, and it shows up among available AU plug-ins in the inserts dropdown menu. But that is as far as I can get with it. Each time I invoke the plug-in in a channel, the SL gui window comes up with "off" or "no connection" mentioned in its status display. Then in 10 or 20 seconds the SL alert window advising "connection lost" appears and prompts me to restart SL from the preferences page, as the SL gui window goes black. Following the instruction brings back the SL gui display, but only for a few seconds before the the "lost" connection happens again.

I'm nonplussed. I've tried tweaking host name and OSC port numbers in the preferences interface, to no avail. I've watched several "how-to" videos online and read the SL documentation a few times. I tried running the sooperlooper and slgui processes simultaneously from command-line windows, as one forum post suggested. None of this has helped me address or diagnose the issue.

So, my specific questions: Does the configuration described above work for anyone? If so, did you take specific steps that I have missed?

Thanks for any pointers, tips, or help you may be able to provide!

--dick v
SooperLooper v 1.7.3
DP v 9
Mainstage v 3.3.2
El Capitan (aka OS X v 10.11.6)
mid-2008 macbook pro

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