How exactly does "Multiply" start and stop?

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How exactly does "Multiply" start and stop?

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Another confusion here.
I'm not sure what the rule is when starting and stopping "Multiply", because every time I try to use this feature, I'm left with with one empty cycle at the beginning of the multiplied loop. I mean the first master loop is played number of times (say three), but the added content is played only twice - beginning after one master loop being passed.
How to start and stop it, press the button exactly at the end of the master loop cycle or a little before or after? Or maybe there's a way to sort of set it to quantised mode - so you arm "multiply" to record by pressing it somewhere in the middle of the previous cycle of master loop and just wait for master to end and trigger the multiply recording?
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Re: How exactly does "Multiply" start and stop?

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Without quantize turned on, it will start the multiply immediately and will begin overdubbing audio from wherever it is at the time, as you continue through more cycles it extends the loop time underneath. So without quantize you want to start as close after the loop start as possible, but not before or it will extend the 2nd cycle immediately as you have discovered.

So what you want is to turn on quantize by first setting the quantize setting up top to be 'cycle', and probably 'sync to' to be Loop 1 or whatever is appropriate. Finally, toggle the 'sync' button on the loop (if it isn't the sync source). Then you can hit Multiply and it won't begin until the next cycle starts, and you'll be able to overdub through the whole first cycle as you wanted, keep going through as many cycles as you want and hit multiply to end it. It will stop multiplying immediately, unless you also have the 'round' option selected in which case it will keep mult/over until the cycle ends.
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