SL loop output mixer?

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SL loop output mixer?

Post by Coop4Music »

I was thinking it would be awesome if SL had a pulldown mixer under the GUI, so one could do simple gain changes, solos, and mutes to the created loops. I've been using SL standalone, and plan on getting it working in a DAW for further expandability, but I think even once inside a DAW this would be a nice feature. :)

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Re: SL loop output mixer?

Post by matt_ttam »

Personally a limiter and master spectrum would be of use also

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Re: SL loop output mixer?

Post by consumer »

This is already possible if you route SL through Jack and into some external (software) mixer... Jackmix comes to mind; Ardour if you're on a monster of a machine. But if you have a midi controller it's easy as pie to map the outputs to faders...

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