mainstage 2 and SL trouble

Using SL inside Apple's MainStage

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mainstage 2 and SL trouble

Post by micah »

i have SL 'inserted' on a stereo aux track sent to a bus. 'bussed in' instruments register signal in mainstage and fcb1010 midi signals register in mainstage; however, nothing seems to be making it through to SL. the SL AU plug seems to fire up fine, that's it. i can't map the controller and SL does not show audio signal coming/going. when i mouse-click on the SL buttons, they blink green and nothing else happens.
i've been an echoplex hardware user for 'bout 15 years and am very anxious to get SL running with mainstage.

my set-up:
macbook pro, osx lion
logic/mainstage 2
profire 610
midisport 2x2

any solutions/suggestions?

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Re: mainstage 2 and SL trouble

Post by angleblue63 »

I got it to work this way - jack wasn't working with 128 latency settings. Every once in a while MS will start freezing up and saying there is a conflict with a third part audio or midi driver. A reboot will normally fix it - but I'd rather not reboot during a show.
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