Can't Create New Loops

Using SL inside Ableton Live

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Can't Create New Loops

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First of all I want to say thanks for making this awesome software and making it for donation! Last year, I spent weeks trying to do what I just did last night in an hour (So glad I switched to a Mac!)

When I use SL with Jack, it works fine but when I use it as an AU in Live, I am having the same problem as some other people have mentioned.

I open the AU and it opens SL. I see the top of the GUI but it can't "sync to" anything, the field is just blank. When I hit create new loop, nothing happens. I followed your advice and check out my network settings. If I open SL preferences and click Current Connection>Default, my port will go from 0 to 9951. Then if I click Connect, the proper host will show up. Then Super Looper will work for like 1 minute, I can make new loops, it can sync to Jack/Host but it's unstable and usually crashes.

If I log out and log in to a different Mac OS user, it works perfectly. Is this a problem with SL or my Admin account? I can't figure out what to change in my Admin account network settings to make SL recognize the Network Host.

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