Linux: best way to add effects to loops

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Linux: best way to add effects to loops

Post by ttoine »

Hi all,

If I am a Linux user for a long time now for recording audio (mainly with Ardour as recorder and other hardware stuff), I am quite new about live performance with Linux software. As I like to work with my loop pedal with my bass and a voice mic, I was looking for something more sophisticated (more tracks/loops, effects) and SooperLooper is definitively a must have for that.

As I am looking posts on the forum, reading some howtos on Internet, etc... I would like to have some advice about how add effects to loops, before wasting a lot of time and buying hardware for nothing.

Ideas I was considering where like patching SooperLooper to several JackRack, or better, to Ardour tracks, in order to have a way to remix, and control that with midi, and save sessions with Lash. What about that ? What are your ideas ?

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Re: Linux: best way to add effects to loops

Post by shanneton »

Hi Ttoine,
I post this message just to renew this post. I'm also interested in advices concerning inserting linux software effects in a rig using sooperlooper with Linux.
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Re: Linux: best way to add effects to loops

Post by consumer »

This is actually extremely easy and in fact one of the most wonderful features of SooperLooper.
The key to making this work (easily) is to use QJackctl's 'Connections' interface to route SooperLooper's outputs through your effects and into a summing mixer (optional).

An easy example:
I open QJackctl, SooperLooper with two stereo loops, Calfjackhost (because each of its effects run on a seperate 'channel') and Jack_Mixer.

I route the outputs of Loop 1 to the inputs of Effect 1 (in Calfjackhost), the Outputs of Effect 1 into Channel 1 of Jack_Mixer. Likewise Loop 2 Out-> Effect 2 In,Effect 2 Out->Channel 2 Jack_Mixer In. Finally I take the Outputs of Jack_Mixer to the Inputs of system (playback 1 &2). Viola!

You can apply a similar strategy if you want to use SooperLooper with Ardour; I just never use the two programs at the same time so I can't speak to the idiosyncrasies of doing so.

I hope this helped. Have fun,
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