Transport control in Carla

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Transport control in Carla

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I've got SL 1.7.8 running very well on Ubuntu Studio 22 for live performance. The StudioControl app starts jack server, and launches Carla. In the Carla transport, I can see the tempo change to reflect SL's tempo (with "Become Jack Timebase Master" selected in prefs). But when the Carla transport is started it doesn't wait for a cycle to begin, and it doesn't even run at the (SL provided) tempo that is shown.

Do I need to run another software for transport control? I see this thread which details a bunch of strategies for transport sync. ... 95#p126653. I'm running jack_link and I can see it respond to tempo changes.

From this doc I gather that the tempo and transport concerns are separated in jack. Am I right in thinking that SL doesn't address transport? Ideally there would be a modular way to do this within Carla rather than in a DAW, because I am running as lean as possible with a 64 sample buffer and <20% of CPU.

Separate but related: I couldn't get Hydrogen to start on a SL downbeat either, though it also was able to get tempo from the loop length.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 8-)

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