Set all tracks to position 0

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Set all tracks to position 0

Post by ClaudioCas »

Dear Jesse (and dear all),
this is my first post on the forum. I will introduce myself soon, but not now (it's late).

I have a question.

Long version: In a live solo scenario without any external sync (loop1) if all tracks are muted, I need to (re)start loop from initial position, but not necessary all the tracks or track 1. I would like to realize a kind of "arm tracks" when all tracks are muted and play (from 0 position) only the armed tracks. The others should restart but still muted.

Short story : How I can (re)set position to 0 for all loops?
I see that Curren Position is in readonly (only get)

It will be great if I will send an osc command like /sl/-1/ResetPosition


Edit: I did a bit of my homework and read another times all the documentation. I will try to use trigger osc command and see what happend.
I used Mobius for a long time and via Scripts you have the full control of the engine. For example you can switch state or loop position with an assignment (command) and bypass all the rules, or have quantization optional just for a single sent command.

Edit 2 30/04/2021: Probably I can workaround this using the following osc commands
/sl/-1/hit pause // Pause all tracks

/sl/-1/hit trigger // Restart and play All traks
/sl/0/hit mute_on // Mute track 0

I read a lot of source code (engine and looper) and I wanted to compliment Jesse because what he wrote is really impressive.
I was hoping to be able to put my hand and tweak to create new commands and features but I had to give up.
I will continue to interact through OSC :)
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