Newbie question

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Newbie question

Post by bakerbounds »

I'm new to SooperLooper and I only need to use it for a fairly simple type of looping. I have two midi controller pedals to devote to Superlooper. I've spend some hours with it and read the manual but am unable to figure out the settings for the type of simple looping I need. Here's what I need:
1. Tap pedal 1 to start recording. Recording continues as long as I like with no limit.
2. Tap pedal 1 a second time and it stops recording and starts playing.
3. Tap pedal 1 a third time and it overdubs.
4. Tap pedal 1 a fourth time and it stops overdubbing (if i haven't reached the end of the loop it still stops recording but just continues to play).
5. Tap pedal 2 and it stops and clears the loop.

I can almost get this to work. It works fine for short loops of about 10 seconds. But somehow it seems to stop recording on it's own near the end of a long loop. Or I will record a long loop but only the first few seconds get recorded. I've attached a screen shot of the settings I'm using.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Newbie question

Post by falcon74 »

Did you get an answer or resolution outside of this forum ? I am trying to achieve something very similar with a 4 button foot-switch (Arduino MIDI) for 4 tracks.
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Re: Newbie question

Post by Digital Larry »

There is a setting in the settings window for the max loop length. It doesn't dynamically allocate memory.
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