"Undo all" stops working / types of midi commands (CC, PC)

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"Undo all" stops working / types of midi commands (CC, PC)

Post by Skrzak »

I'm a little confused...
In my setup (SL, fcb1010 uno, Mainstage), when assigned "Undo All", first it works and after a while it stops working. I don't know the cause, but certainly there is one I'm not aware off. I only suspect it has sth to do with types of midi commands CC1, CC2, PC and so on. So I programmed My FCB to send only one type of midi - that is CC1 (+ expression pedals). I don't know what the whole process looks like behind the scenes, but Mainstage translates my FCB programmed commands to different midi commands. So what exactly should I set Mainstage to send to SL? There are a few possibilities in the Mainstage Assigments&Mappings (see photo). I think "Absolute" is the most relevant. Having programmed FCB only to send CC1, I think I'm missing also long pressed bindings. So Is it important if it's CC1 or CC2 in FCB, or is it more important what I set in Mainstage Assigments&Mappings?
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Re: "Undo all" stops working / types of midi commands (CC, P

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From what I've read in the fcb uno manual you will probably want to use CC momentary toggling setup or have it send Note On (it sends note off on release).. that way you can still do long press things.

In MainStage, you might try one of the Button control items (probably momentary). I'd really need to get your MainStage setup to figure this out for real....
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