Routing signals in Ableton Live.

Using SL inside Ableton Live

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Routing signals in Ableton Live.

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Doing research to see if SL is THE looper that i will want to use in Live (dissatisfied with their Looper......). I've got it working save for two issues, i think both of them are related to routing.

I've got a MIDI synth on track 1, sending Audio To Track 2, which is an track. I've got "Monitor" set to "In".

I've got an audio track on track 2, with the Audio From set to receive from track 1 with the fader set to "Pre FX", and again, "Monitor" set to "In". I have set "Audio To" to send the output to the Master.

This "works" in that my loop DOES pick up what i've played and plays it back. The problem is that the live signal of my playing the MIDI synth in track 1 is not heard until it is captured by SL (on the next loop around) and played back. Obviously, i want to hear the synth as it is played live and of course, the looped version later.

Can someone help me with the configuration on that?

My second question is perhaps routing-related. I start an Arrangement Record to capture my looping session and i mess around. I stop the Ableton record (and SL annoyingly keeps looping and i have to manually stop the loop), but when i go into my arrangement, there is no record of anything from the loop that was recorded. I don't get that, but i haven't spent a ton of time on it. The routing issue above i've tried everything that i can think of and it doesn't work.

I hope there's someone out there that can help me over this hurdle?
thank you!
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Re: Routing signals in Ableton Live.

Post by jesse »

Assuming SL is on the audio track 2 here - you only need to set the Audio From on track 2 to pull from Track 1. For the output of Track 1 set that to Master. That should solve it (works here for me), letting you hear the synth live and the signal also gets to SL on track 2.

Regarding the arrangement recording issue, you need to use a 3rd track to record the output from track 2 in order to get the loop output recorded in the session. You would rec-enable multiple tracks by command-clicking on the rec button on each track.

And finally, to make SL stop looping when you hit stop, go into SL's Preferences from it's GUI and go to the Latency/Misc tab, and enable "Pause all Loops on incoming MIDI Stop events". Then in Live's preferences on the Link/MIDI tab look at the bottom and enable the Sync button on the Output: SooperLooperAU_in. Then SL will pause all loops whenever you hit the master stop button in Live!

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