Long Press MIDI Commands?

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Long Press MIDI Commands?

Post by krane »

Hey there! I'm starting to play around with Superlooper after using Mobius looping software for awhile (recently switched over to Mainstage 3, and Mobius doesn't have a 64 bit plugin). I'm really digging Superlooper, but I am missing one function from Mobius; support for long press MIDI controls. In particular, holding down the record button for 2 seconds triggered a 'reset loop' command. Is there any way to set up something like this for Superlooper? My MIDI controller only has a few buttons, and it would be great to not have to dedicate a button solely to clearing loops.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Long Press MIDI Commands?

Post by Freasy »

In fact there are "long press" commands to clear loops in SL (undo). I'm not sure if it works with MIDI controls though. Maybe this thread: click helps? I can't try it out atm.
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Re: Long Press MIDI Commands?

Post by jesse »

Yes, using MIDI note messages work best to do the long press commands, when you make the binding in SL's midi prefs page be sure that Note is the binding type and they should work. As the other linked thread says, most commands probably do what you expect for long press, with the exception that the clear all is done with a long press of Undo (not record). Also, some of the combo commands such as record_or_overdub variants do a reset on long press as well.
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