how to inc\dec tempo by 1

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how to inc\dec tempo by 1

Post by rickbol »

Is it possible to remotely access the the increment\decrement tempo "buttons" on the SLGui via either midi or osc?

Currently I'm working with Non-Sequencer, Mididings and SL for live performance. SL is the timebase master, and Non-sequencer follows it for tempo and time signature. I have the need to vary tempo somewhat over the performance. The tempo "buttons" in SLGui work perfectly, but I need to perform the same function with my foot controller. Since I have mididings, I can map to midi to osc if that's required or preferable.

I'm hoping to access increment\decrement-by-one directly to avoid the latency\complexity of:

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"/get" the current tempo value
add or subtract one 
"/set" the tempo
(I'm currently having difficulty with mididing's osc functionality).

It's likely that a may not, in the end, actually have SLGui running, so the best solution for me would not require it.



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Re: how to inc\dec tempo by 1

Post by jesse »

No, there is no tempo increment or decrement command in the OSC interface. I'm afraid you'll have to do the /get /set thing, or perhaps just cache the current value to avoid the get (may not be feasible in mididings) ? I doubt the latency will be much of an issue, either way.

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