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Hardware Solution

Post by christof »

For some time now I'm really wondering why there still is no covering-it-all-hardware-solution. I've been watching the looper market for years now, tested boss, digitech; fell in love with sooperlooper and tried freewheeling...

- boomerang: up to 4 independent loops but does not support batteries or direct mic-in
- boss x30: xlr and batteries but only two tracks and both have to have the same length
- vox vdl1: no batteries, but two seperable loops and xlr

- sooperlooper: every wish fulfilled except easy portability, you need at least a separate pedal, a decent soundcard and some computer. while nowadays performing on the street might even be possible for some hours, it still takes ages to setup the hardware, jack, midi, sooperlooper and why not also ardour...

With prices and performance of nowadays computers shouldn't there actually be a portable computer (or even a mobile phone, or even a pc in a pedal) which can do sooperlooper and ardour and midi and has good enough audio quality for live performance and the possibility of extending with external sound cards?

Any ideas?

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Re: Hardware Solution

Post by kasbah »

Did you see the Pigtronix Infinity which was debuted at NAMM this year? It is only two simultaneous loops but the second can up to six times the length of the first. It looks like it has MIDI in too. No word on price yet though. SooperLooper is inspired by Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) LoopIII and LoopIV although I don't think they make those anymore. You could still try and find a used one.

I have started running SooperLooper on an Eee PC 700 which is pretty compact. With the Intel Card it seems to be running OK albeit only with Realtime Linux. I think it would have better performance with an external soundcard. I am running it without the GUI and just control it via MIDI (and use SLGUI on another computer to configure it).

I have also been trying to run it on a BeagleBoard as well but the memory doesn't really suffice and I still have some problems getting the BeagleBoard to record a stereo input in general.

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