MIDI clock resolution ??

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MIDI clock resolution ??

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I use SooperLooper as standalone application and I have some problems to make it slave of Ableton Live (see my other thread about that). I'm wondering about MIDI CLOCK RESOLUTION (PPQ). What is that value for SooperLooper and how can I change it (increase) ?

By the way, do you know the midi clock resolution in Ableton ? I suspect that SooperLooper and Ableton Live does not have the same midi clock resolution...

Could you help me please ?



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Re: MIDI clock resolution ??

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MIDI Clock doesn't work that way... it is always a fixed 24 ticks per quarter note (beat). As for why you are having issues with the MIDI clock sync features in SL, there could be many reasons, and I would need to investigate to see what might be going on.

If you were using the AU version as a plugin in Live, and syncing to "Host" instead, I think you would find that it works much better. I understand from your other posts that you wanted to get synced loops on different Live tracks, and there actually is a way to accomplish that using the plugin version. You would have one track that hosts the plugin itself and that has multiple loop instances inside of it. You would then use the side chain inputs/outputs to feed the individual loop instances and to send their output to the individual audio tracks in Live that you wanted. There should be some description of that setup on the forum somewhere.....

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