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MIDI delay between Ableton metronome to Sooperlooper ??

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 4:45 pm
by remi

I don't understand why the SooperLooper click gets delayed from Ableton's click after a while... Let's make that experiment (using latest Ableton and Sooperlooper, in standalone mode - not AU plugin) :
  • run Ableton and standalone SooperLooper
  • in Ableton, set your tempo to 120BPM for instance and in the preferences, activate SYNC for midi ports > output Sooperlooper_in
  • configure Sooperlooper with sync To : MidiClock.
  • run global transport in Ableton - you see that Sooperlooper gets the metronome clicks and then gets the right tempo BUT after a few seconds, you can see that the blinking "tap" is totally not synchronized with the Ableton's metronome. WHY ???
Is there anything I made wrong to make Sooperlooper SLAVE of the Ableton's tempo ??

Thanks for your help !