Problems with BCR2000 and Logic Pro X

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Problems with BCR2000 and Logic Pro X

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Hello everybody!

Here's my setup:

MacBook Pro Early 2011, El Capitan v. 10.11.3
Logic Pro X v. 10.2.2
SooperLooper v. 1.7.2 64 bit
Behringer BCR 2000

I'd like to trigger a bunch of pre-loaded loops and stretch/pitch shift/manipulate them in a "chopped-and-screwed" way, so I loaded SL into Logic and started operating midi bindings.
The continuous controllers work great: wet amount, stretch, pitch shift, everything is fine, but the buttons (both toggled and momentary, like trig, reverse, pause...) do not work properly, as it seems that SL receives only some midi messages from all I send (I tried both with CC and Notes). The only way to make SL receive all the midi data is to launch it in mono mode... But it's well know that in mono mode it doesn't work in Logic, as I read elsewhere on this board.

Any suggestions?
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