Raspberry Pi with Neotrellis

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Raspberry Pi with Neotrellis

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I've been working on a little project I'm calling the "loop baby" that's essentially an interface between these nice squishy silicone buttons and Sooperlooper. It's been a lot of fun to work on, but it has taken a while to get all of the pieces working together! I thought I would share some details in case others find it helpful.

Basically, the key components are:

- silicone buttons
- adafruit neotrellis pcb, which handles the button presses and turns on the pretty lights
- raspberry pi, which runs a python script to control button colors, and relay OSC messages to SL
- usb audio interface, for audio in/out
- sooperlooper


By far the most fun though was designing the enclosure and making it with a laser cutter. I'd never used a laser cutter before, and oh man, it was a lot of fun. Took a lot of trial and error, but it was worth the multiple trips. The bonus is that I'm now a lot better working with Illustrator than I was before!

Here's the final product:


I will try to share a video once I have it all up and working. The last piece I'm trying to finish is getting midi sync working, so that I can integrate it into my synth setup.

Code and more details are on github. Hope it helps someone!
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Re: Raspberry Pi with Neotrellis

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Very cool!!
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