upcoming iPhone app (OT)

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upcoming iPhone app (OT)

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So I have been developing an iPhone application recently, in case you were wondering why SL hasn't any any updates.

It is a sampler instrument, with user upgradable multi-sampled sounds. Polyphonic (16 voice), up to 5 touches simultaneously, but *without* the traditional piano keyboard view. Hundreds of scales, so what you play can actually sound good. Many options for level, vibrato, tremolo, pitch bend via shake/tilt. Basically, it is something that actually feels and sounds good to play. There is a focus on glitch free, smooth, low-latency responsiveness, and high quality samples -- many made specifically for this app. I contacted a few SL users who have recorded really nice sounding double bass and violin samples for it already.

Other features will include on-board sample recording and creation, plus recording/looping/playback of your in-app playing.

So, anyone who has an iPhone or iPod touch is welcome to contact me if they want to record some samples, and/or possibly be a beta tester.

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Re: upcoming iPhone app (OT)

Post by jackless1 »

Do you want drum samples? Email me unless this forum tells me when people message me or respond.


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