Some feature enhancments

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Some feature enhancments

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As jam packed as Sooperlooper is..there are a few simple things I think would make it a little easier to manage.

1) A Record_Next binding that does not solo the currently recording loop (please)

2) A preference setting for the state of newly created loops...or at least new loops copy settings from loop 1 (so the sync setting would already be set for example)

3) A way to trim loops after recording? (Im sure theres a technical reason why thats difficult)

4) Perhaps this already exists and I dont know but as far as I can tell this is how the echoplex behaves
....A MODE in which Sooperlooper only plays 1 loop at a time so active commands are carried over to the selected loop.
For example if you are in record mode on loop 1 and you select NEXT or LOOP2..then Sooper looper just keeps recording on the newly selected in Autorecord on the the echoplex...I realize this is somewhat possible with the Record_Next_Solo.
I suppose it could also be seen as GUI simplification where in this particular MODE..only ONE set of screen commands is visible
and they simply reflect the state of the ACTIVE is the case in the echoplex mainscreen.

just some thoughts
Thanks for the amazing tool that is SOOPERLOOPER JESSE!


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