get the midi signal from all channels

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get the midi signal from all channels

Post by vinz »

Thanks for Sooperlooper, the best looper ever in the free software wolrd!!

I would like to assigne some midi-binding for all channels: I mean, that SL could recieve midi-message from all channels at the same time (and not only from one channel). Now I'm using QMidiRoute for that, but it's not so handy to have one prog more only for that. The reason is that my midi-keyboard sends the controller-messages on the channel I use to play with. So I have to make midi-binding for each channel (or use QMidiroute).
I think this is only a very little feature, easy to make, but really important to use SL with midi-keyboards.
It would be so great to have this feature. Thanks!
Best regards


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Re: get the midi signal from all channels

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You are right, that should be an easy feature to add.... I will put it on the list.

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