Stereo loops unsync at trig

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Stereo loops unsync at trig

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Hi here !

When I trig a stereo recorded loop, the two sides don't start at the same time.
The problem is more important with 8th playback quantification, but come also with cycles or loop when I trigg very fast. It come when triggered via GUI, OSC and MIDI.
If the loop is paused state, and I trigg, all work well.

Step to reproduce :
1) Record a stereo loop (with or without quantification)
2) Put "Quantze" on "8th"
3) Trigg the loop at differents moments, and listen the big quantized stereo effect. Is'nt ugly to hear, but is'nt the original loop !

Is it really a bug ?
Have you any workaround ?
Thanks for this soft !

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