Trigger sync problems

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Trigger sync problems

Post by sarnold »


I have two problems related to syncronisation and loop triggering. Can you reproduce them and help me out?

1) Loop1 sync, round and rel sync is ON, sync to MidiClock, quantize cycle
I record one bar, starting at the "1" (starts immediately) and ending shortly before the next "1" (stops in sync) and it loops perfectly in sync. Now I want to retrigger the loop out of sync (like a one-shot sample), so I remove the Loop sync option, or set sync to None.
Problem: the loop doesn't trigger from position 0 (loop start) now, it starts somewhere before (near the end) or after, but not on the "1" of the loop. Retriggering in sync works fine, but also brings in the loop at the wrong position - but in sync.
I tried different settings, for example quantize OFF, round OFF, latency comp 0. Rel sync OFF is not an option for me, I'll post a feature request for another issue regarding this.

2) Sync to Loop1. When I retrigger Loop1 now, the stereo channels are not in sync any more. L and R get retriggered, but are shifted in time. This works, though, when sync is set to None.

My system is debian lenny with jackd 0.118, sooperlooper 1.6.14 (from sources), rubberband 1.4.0 (from sources)


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Re: Trigger sync problems

Post by thecrazyguitargod »

Hi, I have the same problem.
My system specs:Ubuntu Lucid (Low Latency Kernel 2.6.32), SL 1.6.14+dfsg-1, Jack 0.118 (svn3796).
How can I generate debug info?

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