Using SL inside Apple's MainStage

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1st- Thanks for giving us many features and a smooth functionality not included in the Loopback interface included with Mainstage. We are running several inputs into three separate loops (with loop 2&3 sync'd to loop 1) in an effort to create a live looping improvisational extravaganza.

Here is my issue. The one binding I can't seem to find is the one that controls the output of each individual loop. There is a good chance that it is right under my nose so if somebody other than Jesse knows what it is called, feel free to tell me. We are trying to bind a knob that can be used to fade out a loop that has overstayed its welcome.

Also, is there any way to just stop everything and start over. I want to reset all the counters to 0.00.

Thanks for your time, both answering this question and especially making a really great AU.


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Re: SL & MS

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i think the volume command you're looking for is called "wet."
hope that helps...

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