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Using SL inside Apple's Logic

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error starting GUI

Post by theOtter_has_landed »

Hey guys, I have a real quick question.

I put the component file into the plug-in's folder, and when I load up logic and go to the audio units, SuperLooper is there! However, when I open it up, I get this message: "error starting GUI"

I suspect this has something to do with the whole Jack thing, but I am pretty clueless on what to do. Any advice?
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Re: error starting GUI

Post by jesse »

You also need to move the SooperLooper application (the GUI) into your /Applications folder, and you may need to tell the plugin versions popup GUI where it is. SooperLooper is a strange beast in that the main GUI is not embedded in the plugin, it is a separate application, which the plugin launches.
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