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Stretch / Pitch Not Working

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:28 am
by Toronto_Looper
Hello Jesse & SL users,

I've just (finally) made the switch to Ableton from Logic. For the most part it's being an easy transition, and I find SL really responds much cleaner within Ableton as an AU than it did within Logic.

My issue is that neither pitch nor stretch are functioning at all. Both sliders move, but there is no audible results. Stretch doesn't react to tempo changes either ie. with Ableton's transport running and a loop recorded in SL, changing Ableton's tempo changes SL's tempo but doesn't stretch it.

I'm using SL 1.6.16 with sync set to jack/host, rel sync enabled and sync, play sync and stretch all enabled on each loop.

Anybody had this same issue?