SL not connecting OS 12 (and 11)

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SL not connecting OS 12 (and 11)

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I’ve had issues using SL for the last 6 months or so.

SL opens, but doesn't connect. It seems like the SL engine is connected, but the GUI isn't. It appears as it should in the JACK graph, but the GUI and the engine aren't staying connected. The GUI sends a ping and the engine responds to it, but nothing more happens beyond that.

Mac 12.16.1
SL 1.7.8
QJackCtl 0.9.7 (using Qt 5.9.8)
(Using agregate device in Blackhole.)

I’ve reinstalled everything. I even formatted my laptop and upgraded from Mac 12.5 (had the same problem) and the problem persisted.
The AU plugin also keeps crashing (using Reaper) but I’ve not really tried to use that before so I'm not sure if that is a recent thing.
Have been using SL for years and years and love it.
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