scratch position from a continuous controller value

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scratch position from a continuous controller value

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Hello from Cape Town, South Africa!

This is my first post and hopefully not my last.
I'm new to using Sooperlooper but very excited about using it!

I am building an arduino based foot controller to control sooperlooper and I'm also looking to set up a row of buttons on my launchpad Mini, that from left to right, send increasing control change values (in 8ths of 128) on a specified continuous MIDI Controller.

Is it possible to link that specific continuous controller to the scratch parameter, and then as each button is pressed and transmits a lower or higher value, the scratch goes to that proportionate position and plays from there?

It would be a great way to achieve a MLR beat slicing on the fly. Also is there any output from Sooperlooper that informs on each loop's play head position? That could be used to trigger the lights on a launchpad.

Here is a link to a video reference of what I think could be an interesting use case for sooperlooper - slicing samples (one per loop) across multiple rows of a launchpad:

I'm interested to hear all your feedback,
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