Looping on Raspberry Pi headless, wireless MIDI

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Looping on Raspberry Pi headless, wireless MIDI

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Hi all,

Happy to tell that it is possible to run sooperlooper on Raspbian "Buster" as of 2020-12-20

if you 1) compile JACKD to remove dbus and 2) compile BLUEZ to enable MIDI over bluetooth, plenty of instructions on google. With 2) I was able to use IRig Blueboard.

The only thing is that I cannot figure out is loop sync. Nothing like sync I see in
IOS loopers. For years I used IOS for live looping (mainly Quantiloop)

Somehow I get better results if I quantize to 1/8 note.

Do you know a light weight drum machine that can be a source of midi clock for sooperlooper ? This would be my next struggle with Linux audio.
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