Version 1.7.0 released

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Version 1.7.0 released

Post by jesse »

Many thanks to Kaspar Bumke for implementing most of these fixes!

Grab the new version on the site:


- Fixed SooperLooper being mistakenly identified as remote
- Now ignoring non audio and non .slsess files in load and save file selection dialogues
- Mute now flashes when waiting to go into mute instead of rev flashing
- Mute of others flashes instead of solo flashing when going in and out of solo
- Fixed CC bindings for commands that need to be registered as hits
- MIDI bindings choice now sorted alphabetically
- File selector now defaults to home and tracks last load/save
- Removed arbitrary maximum loop memory limit in Add Custom Loop...
- Fixed issue of some controls not showing up when you have more than 5 loops

SooperLooper engine:
- Fixed issue of not being able to load audio files from session when not started from the same directory
- Fixed fade not working after undo_all
- Removed 1 sample click in multiply
- Fixed individual loop monitor not being sent to main-out
- Fixed toggle MIDI bindings requiring double press when first loaded
- Fixed some clicks when undoing
- Added CCon and CCoff messagage types to midi bindings
- Can now mute and un-mute when loop is in Off state
- Fixed bug where long-presses were causing undo-all when they weren't supposed to

- OSC Auto Update time can now be set between 10-100ms
- "osc.udp://" can be omitted from the return URL parameter of any OSC message
- SooperLooper no longer seg-faults when an invalid return URL is given

- State and waiting AU parameters now working
- Fixed parameter update race condition, so values reflect newly changed state
- There are now up to 8 stereo sidechain outputs available (individual outputs for each loop), but for some reason still only 4 stereo inputs available (at least as shown within Live)... it isn't clear why there are fewer input buses, it might be a Live limitation.

- Small maintenance on help output, OSC doc file and indentation, spelling etc.
- HTML docs on website now include full MIDI command reference
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by MrPopinjay »

Thanks guys! Great to see that SooperLooper is getting the love it deserves! :)
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by strask »

The new AU crashes Logic instantly for me.
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by f0m3 »

Thx for the fixes! Reminds me to make some music again :-)
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by JeffHendricks »

Thanks so much! I'm excited about this, will be updating ASAP and looking forward to using it some more in the near future.

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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by sloopdog »

SooperLooper is probably the single most valuable creation in music since the invention of ear plugs. I heart it loads.
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by vp1 »

Wow, thanks for the update, only saw it now and I'm really excited to test/use it!
Sooperlooper is THE most usefull software (or any!) looper with the best concept and it's nice to see it being maintained!

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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by lebrato »

any chance that the 1.7 release will be made usable for 10.6.8 snow leopard at any point. It would be really useful to those of us with underpowered laptops <g>.
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by deegio »

Hi guys!! I will always keep saying how great sl is but y'all already know that! Thanks to anyone who's still contributing!
Any news on the VST version or something? not that i'm not happy with linux but i'm having hardware problems on my laptop (that's giving me to much Xruns with jack) and in windows i don't have this problem, so it'd be good if I could test the software on windows.
anyways i'm done telling my lifestory if anyone has news on this VST version don't forget to tell me! Thanks again!
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Re: Version 1.7.0 released

Post by fundamental »

Any new versions in the future - it's been a while!
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