"ONCE" does not work together with playback quantization.

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"ONCE" does not work together with playback quantization.

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Hi Jesse,

"ONCE" does not seem to work when playback quantization is enabled on that loop. Instead of firing the loop just once and then muting it, I briefly see "waiting for sync", and then the loop is muted immediately.
It works once when you've never muted the track, but then some internal state changes and you can never get it to work again. Reproduced with latest git and a minimal session (one stereo loop).
Settings as follows:
sync to JACK/Host, tempo 116 (cprrectly received from external time master), 12 8th/cycle (metronome is set to 6/4), no mute q., odub quant, repl quant, no round, no rel sync, auto 8th
the loop has sync and play sync activated.

Santa Paypal will bring you a massive crate of beer if you get around to fixing this one :)
Meanwhile, thanks a lot for sharing SL, it's an awesome tool!



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