Midi control in AUlab, + mono->stereo

Using SL with Apple's AULab

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Midi control in AUlab, + mono->stereo

Post by ihattwick »

Hey guys- so working in aulab I am having trouble routing midi to sooperlooper. It seems like you should select midi source on the top right of the plugin window inside aulab to route midi to SL- but that isn't working for me. Do you have to create a midi track of some kind like in Live?

Also, there is no option to create a SL instance that converts from mono->stereo, and if I try to create a mono instance of SL aulab crashes. That makes sense since SL is a stereo plug, but it would be nice to be able to put SL on a mono track without having to have s ilent plug before to convert to stereo.
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Re: Midi control in AUlab, + mono->stereo

Post by soulflyer »

I had a similar sounding problem today. There were 2 causes, firstly AU hadn't remembered the change I made to the channel I was sending to SooperLooper. Probably my fault, but worth checking. Also monitor the midi sent from your controller just to make sure it really is on the channel you think it is.
The other problem was that the midi source had somehow been reset to none. This is set from the same AULab window where you set the midi channel. Its a drop down menu directly above the row of midi channel selectors...

Hope this is of use..

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