Does SooperLooper Send MIDI beat?

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Does SooperLooper Send MIDI beat?

Post by sam_square »

I have a macbook pro with 10.5.5 installed.

I'm trying to sync max/msp to sooperlooper. I suppose my question is - does SL send midi beat clock?
I've tried setting up max to use sooperlooper_out as its midi beat source. I also tried using the midi patchbay, but no luck.

My plan is to use mainstage for virtual instruments, record acoustic guitar and then use my monome with max/msp sync'd for some extra goodness. Soooo excited. Just got my new macbook yesterday after being on a powerbook for the longest time. :D :D :D

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Re: Does SooperLooper Send MIDI beat?

Post by jesse »

You need to enable the MIDI clock output in the Preferences->MIDI Bindings tab (at the bottom)....

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