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Newbie MIDI remote pedal setup questions.

Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:30 am
by SaxBlaCussionIzer

I'm completely new to the Mac platform and to SooperLooper in general. However, i'm NOT new to looping, i've got a Behringer FCB-1010 that i set up years ago to remotely control an Oberheim Echoplex. I'm excited to get started with SL and right now, i'm in the process of trying to get my pedal to talk to SooperLooper. Right now, i'm doing that in standalone mode, so i've got Jack installed, etc. When i press the 'Record' button, SL is recording and everything is merry. Obviously, that is not practical for live performing situations, so

I haven't found any documentation that explains the setup process directly (and if there is a step-by-step method, maybe someone can simply point me to it), but my operating theory is that i don't need to change any of what i've programmed my FCB-1010 to do. All i need to do is configure my MIDI patch bay to route MIDI to my computer, and have SL listen for this messages. I see that SL has MIDI Learn functionality, so i am thinking that i should simply be able to (for example): (1) Enable MIDI learn on the Record button, (2) Press the button on my FCB-1010 which is currently set to send a CC message to the EDP, but instead send it to SL, (3) SL should 'hear' this message and i should be done.

Am i on the right track? I seem to be missing 'something' because this is not working. SL just sits there blankly when i put it in MIDI Learn mode and attempt to set up a CC message as described above. Can anybody glean from what i've tried so far anything that i am missing? Again, if there's documentation that gives a blow-by-blow on how to do this, just a link to point me to it would be great.

thanx and cheers!

Re: Newbie MIDI remote pedal setup questions.

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:23 pm
by vajrabone
Hi JIm,

I have a similar question and I am using the Eridol UA-25 USB box. Have you found anything out outside of this forum? Further, is this forum a wasteland where newbies are shunned as rotting marmot corpses?


Re: Newbie MIDI remote pedal setup questions.

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:56 pm
by vajrabone
OK I have the answer. You have to push the "connect" button on the QJackctl interface after starting it, then on the ALSA tab you will be abole to see where you can connect the UA-25 to the system. Then you can have SooperLooper learn the midi sends. Good luck!

Re: Newbie MIDI remote pedal setup questions.

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 8:06 am
by bwanab
Jim, you're on the right track. Since you're using a Mac, I suspect the missing link is midi routing. You have to have a way to specify the source and destination of your midi signals. In the Getting Started section of the docs, there is a reference to an app called Midi PatchBay ( This app will do the midi routing for you.

The second thing you need is a host. The host can be jackd and on linux that's the way to go, but on OSX, I'm using MainStage which plays very nicely with SL since Jesse has thoughtfully provided an AudioUnit interface for it. All you have to do is put the AU interface into the right place, run MainStage (or Logic/Ableton Live, etc), set up a track and add the sooperlooper AU. Then run Midi PatchBay and you should see the midi interface your FCB-1010 is connected to as a source, and sooperlooper AU as a destination. With those selected, you'll be able to use the learn function to set your midi footswitches.

You're right that you shouldn't have to do any special programming on the FCB-1010 (it's what I use also). Just assign whatever pedals you want to the SL commands that you want. I'd suggest not using the low numbered CC's since they are the default for patch changing in MainStage and some other hosts. I started at CC 51.

Hope this helps.