UMI3 press/release commands

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UMI3 press/release commands

Post by gertjan »


I am trying to do something fairly simple with the UMI3 (logidy). Press button 1, start recording, release, stop recording. My background: I know very little about Midi, even less about Jack and a lot about Linux.

You can set the UMI3 up to produce a bunch of different Midi commands. By default, the event = Note On, CH=1, V1 = C4 (61) and V2 is 127. Not entirely sure what V2 is, but according to the documentation, when the button is release the same command is send but v2 = 0. (which I believe is the same as note off, right ?).

At am running SL v1.6.18. In the midi setup screen, when I press learn, I see only an event when the button is pressed and it is always comes up as Note (not note on or off).

Any tips ? Does sooperlooper interpret the V2 field ?

Much appreciated


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Re: UMI3 press/release commands

Post by kasbah »

Hey Gertjan, have you tried changing the binding to NoteOn and then make another one exactly the same but for NoteOff?

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