midi looping

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midi looping

Post by wirelessdreamer »

I know sooperlooper supports audio looping, but what about midi, say i want to input one midi pattern that different transformations can be applied to live, am I able to do that with sooperlooper? if not know of any tool i can do that with, i'd ideally like to be able to sync it with sooperlooper as well.

Chris Sewell
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Re: midi looping

Post by Chris Sewell »

SL does not loop midi. Ableton Live does however.

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Re: midi looping

Post by Coop4Music »

should be easy. Just loop your midi in Ableton and simultaniously loop your audio in SL. Voila!

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Re: midi looping

Post by polimorfos »

google "dummy clips" +"ableton".

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