Possibly a stupid question

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Possibly a stupid question

Post by danh »

Hey all!

I'm trying to build a live setup that is particularly loop oriented and I'm running into some troubles.

I'm running two echoplexes for guitar with two guitarists playing into them and coming out in stereo. Due to the rigours of pedal changing and singing etc, we've preset all the record and loop triggers into a midi track in logic that in turn controls the echoplexes. A headache, but worth the effort if you have the patience!

Now I'm trying to do a similar thing but for the electronically generated sounds. Sooperlooper seems the tool but I'm running into some problems.

For example, with the echoplex I can sequentially record in 8 guitar parts, and then after x loops send a command to mute loops 2 and 7, and/or erase them. Then later on play loops 4 and 5 while muting 1 and 3. Is there a way to the equivalent with SooperLooper?

This would be amazing and take away all of my triggering pain!

Any help gratefully recieved.


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Re: Possibly a stupid question

Post by soulflyer »

You can bind the mute function of each loop to some midi ccs in sooperlooper preferences. If you get your sequencer to send these same cc codes you should get the effect you are after. Check out the documentation on midi bindings for details.


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