RFX Midibuddy x2

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RFX Midibuddy x2

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We use two RFX midibuddies by two seperate people ran by SooperLooper through Ableton live 7. When files are changed or the banks are changed via the midibuddies it makes the other one become unpaused or unmuted at very bad times. causing sonic chaos. any further questions need to be referred to tbeals79@gmail.com. He is the one that understands it better than I do. Thank You to Anyone that can help.

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Re: RFX Midibuddy x2

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So, what is the setup in Live? Are there two instances of SL, each one controlled by the separate midibuddy? What exactly are you doing that causes the chaos? What do you mean by "files changed" or "banks changed"?

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