Stereo Loop issue

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Stereo Loop issue

Post by misteralan »

I am having an intermittent issue when I try to utilize SL with 2 channel (stereo)loops.

Here is a description of what I am doing:
---SL is instantiated as an AU in Plogue Bidule or Ableton Live and I am controlling loop functions with MIDI bindings.
---SL is setup with one stereo loop
---Sync is set to loop 1 and Quantize can be set to anything excluding 'off' and the issue occurs

This is what happens:
I record my first pass and the 'Left side" or loop input 1 records/plays back as expected
The 'Right side" or Loop input 2 records/plays the first pass normally then records/plays another loop segment as though the right side of the loop is behaving like a new mono loop that is twice as long as the original loop.

In this psuedo diagram below (---left side---) represents the original loop captured between 2 presses of Record.

---Left side---!---Left side---
---Right side---!---dead air---
I have included an audio example where the Left side is dry guitar and the right side is reverb only of the dry guitar to demonstrate the discreet audio channels.

It seems as though this issue occurs if I have quit and then reopened SooperLooper's engine as an AU plugin.
Any ideas would be very helpful,
OSX 10.5.7
2.8 ghz MacPro 6 gigs ram
Metric Halo ULN-2 2d driver Rev. 5.0d74 [1426] MIO Console
Live 8.04
Plogue Bidule 0.9691UB
This is 2 cycles of the original loop to demonstrate this strange behaviour
(115.68 KiB) Downloaded 1041 times

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Re: Stereo Loop issue

Post by jesse »

Yes, I have seen this issue many times before and I never quite wipe it out. It is an especially pernicious little bug. When I make the next release version, keep a lookout for it recurring.

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Re: Stereo Loop issue

Post by misteralan »

Thanks Jesse for replying.
I will look forward to the next drop of SL.
This is really a great program!
I did discover that if I end the first stereo loop recording with Overdub... Even a short momentary Press of Overdub...
the problem went away! I thought that this info might help you in 'exterminating' this bug!

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