Mainstage, Sooperlooper, POK all WORKING

Using SL inside Apple's MainStage

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Mainstage, Sooperlooper, POK all WORKING

Post by jasoncrater »

Hi, these forums have been very helpful to me, so here is my bit.

I have been working at Mainstage 2 (latest build) with Sooperlooper as a AU plugin running on a Bus, not as a sidechain, then send guitar to the SL Bus. As we know, Mainstage is super CPU hungry so, what i did, was, for the tracks i want to use the Looping for, i ope a new Mainstage Concert to keep it minimal. Mainstage for whatever reason, seems to use ALL plugins of all tracks, which is silly, so try to keep them minimal. On the session i am talking about, i have 28 plugins for the whole looping concert, including some heavy Waves Plugins. I am running a 2.4 MacBook Pro with 4GB of Ram. Mainstage settings are 64mb buffer(I/O safety unchecked) and audio at 44.100. In Sooperlooper i hve 4 stereo loope, loaded with 14 seconds of pre recorded audio which i loop on top of. And i control all of this without touching the Mac, via an Xtempo POK Wireless foot controller. It has a Switcher so i can dart between patches, so, can change patches in Mainstage, then revert back to controlling Sooperlooper. The only time the CPU seems to be affected is when i control Mainstage patches, and it jumps up to about 80% then comes down quick enough, and so far, no glitches. When i get home i will try my Midimouse to control Mainstage Patches to see of this affects the CPU in the same way.

For me this works great.


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Re: Mainstage, Sooperlooper, POK all WORKING

Post by redbrooklyn »

I've been using Mainstage for awhile, but just getting started with sooperlooper in it.
I just ordered this gizmo:

Looking forward to hearing more about your setup.


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